Our Favourite Tran Seasonal Piece

The sleeveless cape is going to be / will be a staple as part of the trans seasonal change. It is a go to piece for many right now, including us and we will continue to see them everywhere heading into spring. We love how this one item can completely change the look of an outfit. The sleeveless coat is chic, bold, eye catching and ever so versatile. With so many varieties in style and colour there is bound to be one that suits us all…or you could purchase a couple in different colours – to meet all your needs.

  • Wear the coat over a long sleeve, with jeans and heels for a real chic look.
  • Wear it over a white crisp shirt for the workplace
  • Add a waist cinching belt, to add or show off some curves
  • In summer wear it over a singlet top to show off your killer looking arms

Ideas are endless for this – our favourite trans seasonal piece…..take a look below for more inspro.

cape 4

cape 12

cape 14

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cape 11

cape 10


cape 1


cape 13


cape 6

Shopping your wardrobe

I have just read about a friend of mine who hasn’t bought any clothing this year. That is pretty remarkable, 7 months wearing the clothing already in her wardrobe. We are all asking “how can this be done” and how did we not notice?

The idea is almost frightening to only wear what you already own and not to go shopping…..which would be the hardest part. But if you already love the clothes in your wardrobe and you have key pieces in a similar colour or theme already, it is a pretty simple process that we could and should all try.

By building a capsule wardrobe with  key pieces that are interchangeable with each other, means you wouldn’t need to have all the other stuff – the stuff that fills our wardrobe but we don’t wear. Your can then update your look each time  by adding different accessories, with statement necklaces, bags, shoes and belts in pops of colour to accentuate your mood or look for the day. Easy!

How do you start building a capsule wardrobe……by cleaning out your wardrobe. Yes we have all be there, its usually a great idea at the time, until it gets late in the day and you still and have a pile of clothing on your bed. What you must do is keep all your favourite pieces, your staples and seasonal pieces – then see what works with them out of all your other stuff/ pieces.

For more great points & info on how to start this process (because it does take work) which is not only great for your wardrobe but your bank account, head over to this great blog post by Caroline at Unfancy – capsule wardrobe 101  who has been living this simplistic & minimal lifestyle for the past 2 years. Also check out some inspro below. xx

Images: Nina Holst

(image credit: Nina Holst)

capsule wardobe 8

(image credit: pinterest)

capsule wardobe 4

(image credit: seventeenthandirving)

capsule wardobe 1


capsule wardobe

capsule wardobe 5

Wearing The Printed Pant

Printed Pants are everywhere these days (and we don’t think they are going away any time soon). We love them, they are a great alternative to jeans and plain black pants. They can  also be worn for all your occasions – work, weekend, night out, Sunday drinks. They are also usually quite light in fabric weight making them perfect for the up and coming hot weather we will be having.

Everyone can wear a printed pant – the key is to keep the pants the focal point, you want to keep everything else as neutral as possible, by wearing nude shoes and cream/white/grey tops. Black will always work too.

Though be sure to match your top colour with one in your pants for a beautifully blended look. Easy!


Perfect combination for the workplace

Perfect combination for the workplace

Keeping it neutral

Keeping it neutral

Perfect for a night out

Perfect for a night out

Keeping is casual for the weekend

Keeping is casual for the weekend





What I’ll be packing….

I was going to write about your Spring Essentials – then I looked outside and there wasn’t much to see besides some grey cloud and that wasn’t very inspiring. So then I thought about what I was wanting to pack for our girls weekend away.  What I need to pack for my weekend away (with the ladies to Melbourne) is differnent to what your going to pack for where ever you may be going – but that’s ok, at least its a start.

So Im heading to Melbourne with the other half of Daily Style – Ms Daily Style herself, Ms The Beautiful Soup and our lovely friend Ms Crazy Mumma. We are heading over for a weekend of shopping, wining and dining and to definitely to sleep in! What am I going to pack……well first I have to start thinking abut what we are planning to do and when, this will guide me as to what type of outfit is required.

Day One – Lunch and Shopping, then Dining = 2 outfits

Day Two – Shopping, Dining and Wining = 2 outfits

Day Three – Relaxing and coming home  = 1 outfit

This equals 5 outfits, 3 casual and 2 to dress up. All this has to fit into a weekend / over night bag. I can’t take 5 outfits, I have to plan to rotate/reuse what I do take and makes sure it all works together and I want a fairly minimal chic look, also remembering Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day, is something to take into consideration.  I headed to pintrest to help guide me and find some inspiration. It always works….

Easy outfit for quick flight, lunch and a bit of browsing

Easy outfit for quick flight, lunch and a bit of browsing

Another reasonable easy outfit - jeans, shirt & accessories

Another reasonable easy outfit – jeans, shirt & accessories

Relatively casual but stylish for a day of shopping

Relatively casual but stylish for a day of shopping

Dressing it up - using the shoes and jeans / pants from night before but different top and accessories

Dressing it up – using the shoes and jeans / pants from night before but different top and accessories


I am pretty sure this has it all covered, on the last day I can wear the pants from the first day with a different top. The idea is to take items that are useable more than once and all from a similar colour palette (mine is usally white/black/grey). The black jeans can be worn both nights, the cuffed jeans can be worn twice and I can chose what shirts / tops to wear. I would also throw in a striped tee and chambray shirt and perhaps a pair of shorts to the mix for another option, especially if it does decide to warm up.  Also remembering I will be there shopping, so will have more than enough.

Lets not to forget to take all my toiletries, hair dryer, make up and a pair of havianas! Did I miss anything? What would you pack on a girls weekend away?

The White Blazer

There’s no easier way to transition your wardrobe for spring and summer than with the white blazer. It is currently at the top of my “must have” list.  I am feeling like white is the new black this season.

You need this piece in your wardrobes now! It is perfect for those cool mornings and evenings.   It can also easily take you from work to a night out and casually for the weekend…..and that’s just the beginning. The white blazer – this just might be one of the easiest looks to wear for the season. It’s super chic, fresh and unexpected. The great thing about this wardrobe staple is that it can be easily worn by all without any fuss.

Wear your new white blazer with a grey or graphic print tee, teamed with jeans. All black then add the statement white blazer. Chambray, double denim and the white blazer. Jeans and heels with the white blazer.  It is not a boring piece, it will become your “go to” over the next few months, you just have to get use to it and be creative. These should get you going.

Have Fun Now! xx

white blazer 2 white blazer 5 white blazer 6 white blazer 7 white blazer 8 white blazer 9

Mixing Prints – Do it!

The idea of mixing or even wearing prints can seem a bit out there…..or possibly not a good idea. But it can be done, as you should of done during our #dailystyledares last week. So here’s a little inspiration to get you on your way.

To do it right you need to remember a couple of things;

  • the easiest being to mix prints within a similar colour scheme – this way the print ties and blends together, while still making a bold statement.
  • If your pieces don’t share a color within their prints, a similar background colour, like brown, black, white, or grey, becomes important.
  • An easy way to start mixing prints is to wear Stripes and Polka Dots together – or the same print.  Wearing both in a black and white colour scheme, will keep it chic and stylish.
  • Leopard print goes with everything – so does stripes, even together!
  • Keep your prints to only 2,  its easy on the eye and you can see the outfit as one, anymore than 2 say 3 it becomes a bit much and too loud – and no one will know where to look
  • Use a small and large print – not both of the same, again more to do with the effects of the eye and confusing them

Now head to your wardrobe pull out a print and start matching it – give yourself your own fashion parade and have fun!

 mixing print 2mixing print 1 mixing prints 7 mixing prints 6(all photos sourced from pinterest)