Mixing Prints – Do it!

The idea of mixing or even wearing prints can seem a bit out there…..or possibly not a good idea. But it can be done, as you should of done during our #dailystyledares last week. So here’s a little inspiration to get you on your way.

To do it right you need to remember a couple of things;

  • the easiest being to mix prints within a similar colour scheme – this way the print ties and blends together, while still making a bold statement.
  • If your pieces don’t share a color within their prints, a similar background colour, like brown, black, white, or grey, becomes important.
  • An easy way to start mixing prints is to wear Stripes and Polka Dots together – or the same print.  Wearing both in a black and white colour scheme, will keep it chic and stylish.
  • Leopard print goes with everything – so does stripes, even together!
  • Keep your prints to only 2,  its easy on the eye and you can see the outfit as one, anymore than 2 say 3 it becomes a bit much and too loud – and no one will know where to look
  • Use a small and large print – not both of the same, again more to do with the effects of the eye and confusing them

Now head to your wardrobe pull out a print and start matching it – give yourself your own fashion parade and have fun!

 mixing print 2mixing print 1 mixing prints 7 mixing prints 6(all photos sourced from pinterest)

Leopard Print, the neutral

There are so many options of wearing this feline enhanced pattern. From throwing on a leopard print scarf with a black or white shirt, leopard print heels or flats with your favourite jeans or pants. It really has become a go to, a neutral just like black, white, grey and my other neutral stripes. We love leopard print because it make a plain outfit something special – adds a little style.
If you can’t handle the heat of something so bold as a shirt or skirt, there are so many options of leopard print accessories like bags, clutches, earrings and bangles. Leopard print works well with almost everything, it also really loves pops of colour. Either add a coloured knit or statement necklace to really make it meow!


leopard final