Weekly Lust Have’s

We thought we would introduce a new weekly post, which is all about items we are lusting over from some of our favorite stores.

This week we went into one of our all time favorites, Witchery. It is seriously my go to store, it doesn’t matter what I need or for what occasion I need something…. (or no occasion at all) this is the store where Ill find what I am looking for and is always the first store I go to.

First up is the mid tan heel – this shoe is so cute. It is going to be seen everywhere, all the stores have a similar version. I love this one as the strap in singular, as I am not a fan of cross straps and the shoe is suede.  The heel height is perfect for spring / summer, it is stylish and comfortable for day or night. Team with jeans and cute white blouse and you will just scream summer!

witchery mid heel

Alva Block Heel

Next up is the cute little white gathered top – Witchery are stating “Loaded with versatility but equally decorative, the Gathered Top will easily take you from the boardroom to bar. The sleek design is rendered with a deep v-front and elasticised waistband with frill details for an ultimately feminine finish“. I am totally agreeing with that, this top is so cute and we think that the semi peplum look adds / or hides any tummy issues you maybe having.

white whitchery blouse

Gathered Top

Lastly we are loving the cute crossbody bag. I have my eye on the Chanel Wallet on a Chain (which is just a tad out of my price range) so I have been trying to find something that I would be happy to wear, which looks classy and is functional. With its tan and natural finish this bag is perfect for all outfit colour combos palettes and occasions.This cute little bag ticks all my boxes.

witchery cross body bag

Baylee Crossbody Bag

These 3 items should start getting you a little more excited about the future summer days and nights that are slowly making their way too us. Check back next week to see what we are lusting over! xx

Vacation Time…..

It seems everyone is writing posts about what they are packing on their trips away….well I am going to jump on board! I am heading off to Italy next week for 3 beautiful glorious weeks. I’ll be in my families village for my cousins wedding, which is south of Rome right near Naples, then heading back to Rome and onto Nice. My suitcase needs to be filled with easy, casual summer clothes that can take me from the beach, to the shops then off to dinner.

We have previously touched on capsules wardrobes, well I am going to need a capsule suitcase. Where else would I find all the right ideas and inspiration needed for this task, but Pinterest. I have been scrolling through and pinning like a crazy women, but have found all the inspro I required.

First thing I had to decide was a colour scheme, I have chosen a colour palette of – Black, white, Navy & Grey – and then throwing in shoes, bags & accessories to change up the outfit looks. Everything that I pack has to be able to be worn together (mix & match), and by keeping to a pretty neutral colour scheme Ill be able to achieve this. I am hoping to pack as little as possible, because we all know you have to have a little shop when on holidays! Cant wait to show you all what I am packing….

travel packing 1


travel packing 2

travel packing 3

travel packing 4

travel packing 5

travel packing 6


travel packing

(images sourced from pinterest)

What I’ll be packing….

I was going to write about your Spring Essentials – then I looked outside and there wasn’t much to see besides some grey cloud and that wasn’t very inspiring. So then I thought about what I was wanting to pack for our girls weekend away.  What I need to pack for my weekend away (with the ladies to Melbourne) is differnent to what your going to pack for where ever you may be going – but that’s ok, at least its a start.

So Im heading to Melbourne with the other half of Daily Style – Ms Daily Style herself, Ms The Beautiful Soup and our lovely friend Ms Crazy Mumma. We are heading over for a weekend of shopping, wining and dining and to definitely to sleep in! What am I going to pack……well first I have to start thinking abut what we are planning to do and when, this will guide me as to what type of outfit is required.

Day One – Lunch and Shopping, then Dining = 2 outfits

Day Two – Shopping, Dining and Wining = 2 outfits

Day Three – Relaxing and coming home  = 1 outfit

This equals 5 outfits, 3 casual and 2 to dress up. All this has to fit into a weekend / over night bag. I can’t take 5 outfits, I have to plan to rotate/reuse what I do take and makes sure it all works together and I want a fairly minimal chic look, also remembering Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day, is something to take into consideration.  I headed to pintrest to help guide me and find some inspiration. It always works….

Easy outfit for quick flight, lunch and a bit of browsing

Easy outfit for quick flight, lunch and a bit of browsing

Another reasonable easy outfit - jeans, shirt & accessories

Another reasonable easy outfit – jeans, shirt & accessories

Relatively casual but stylish for a day of shopping

Relatively casual but stylish for a day of shopping

Dressing it up - using the shoes and jeans / pants from night before but different top and accessories

Dressing it up – using the shoes and jeans / pants from night before but different top and accessories


I am pretty sure this has it all covered, on the last day I can wear the pants from the first day with a different top. The idea is to take items that are useable more than once and all from a similar colour palette (mine is usally white/black/grey). The black jeans can be worn both nights, the cuffed jeans can be worn twice and I can chose what shirts / tops to wear. I would also throw in a striped tee and chambray shirt and perhaps a pair of shorts to the mix for another option, especially if it does decide to warm up.  Also remembering I will be there shopping, so will have more than enough.

Lets not to forget to take all my toiletries, hair dryer, make up and a pair of havianas! Did I miss anything? What would you pack on a girls weekend away?

Our Wardrobe Must Haves

There are so many items that can go onto such a list. But let’s keep it simple and to the point. I don’t have a huge shopping budget, money usually comes out of the food and bills account (shh don’t tell) so I have to make my purchases count. Before I make the decision to purchase an item I have to make sure it’s needed and can make other wardrobe pieces go further.

My top 5 wardrobe must haves include jeans, striped tee, a blazer, pointy toe flats and a chambray shirt. These may not be on your list but they should be. All 5 items are versatile and will work with everything else in your wardrobe and the best bit is they work with each other.

Jeans are a staple you can wear them for most occasions dress them up, down on the weekend sometimes even to work.




A striped tee is one of the easiest pieces to wear. It is a go to for us and we class it as a neutral and staple. I have not just one but many striped tops in my wardrobe short sleeve and long sleeve for all weather conditions and one for all occasions.  Dress it up with a statement necklace and your black pumps and off you go.





The blazer is a perfect to add another layer of depth and warmth to your outfit.  It’s also perfect to smarten up an outfit, throwing on a blazer takes you from easy casual to smart casual instantly. It doesn’t matter what color you go for though we have black and and I also have an olive/khaki one. Also spring is the perfect time to grab a colored or floral blazer to stand out.




Pointy toe flats or heels….what can I say they make your legs look longer and leaner and just look hot. Between us we have over 15 pairs of pointy toes, between us.  We love them more than any other type of shoe. They are perfect with jeans on a night out or even for work during the day. We think they just make an outfit look polished. I’ll never own enough.




Our final must have peice is the chambray shirt. Not many like the double denim but with a pop of color or a statement peice to draw the eye it works very well and looks super cool.




Once you have some staples you can use them as a foundation to start building the rest of your wardrobe. Add tops, skirts, pants and accessories. What else would add to a wardrobe must have list?

(all images sourced from pinterest)