Attention : Military Trend has arrived

We are starting to see the olive & khaki greens in the shops leading up to Autumn. The military style is always on repeat and never really dates. So what ever pieces you already have or will buy are going to be value per wear. I have a khaki jacket that I bought from Witchery 4 winters ago, it will be seeing the daylight again real soon. This season we are going to see everything from silk shirts to distressed cotton & silk pants, as long as the faithful cargo pants & jackets.

Golden tones in your accessories work well this the khaki & olive green as does black. Usually a very masculine look, its nice to play on the accessories to soften the look up. The perfect shoe is any style in black, tan or a  leopard print, which always looks HOT! So our wardrobe woes &  outfit dilemmas are solved as there will be something for everyone for work and the weekend.

military 1 military 3 military 4 military 5 military 8 military 9 military 10 military 11 military 12

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